Water leakage reduction in the water distribution network with real time pressure management

Mehmet Melih Kosucu, Omer Sari, Mehmet Cuneyd Demirel, Samet Kiran, Abdurrahman Yilmaz, Abdulbaki Aybakan, Enes Albay, V. S. Ozgur Kirca

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Reducing water leakages in water distribution systems is essential in terms of water, energy, treatment and time savings. However, the reduction of water leakages can only be realized effectively by pressure management with the help of a hydraulic model. When attempting to do this task with pressure reducing valves with constant pressure output, it is possible that either the critical point will fall below the minimum pressure value or that the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from the pressure management. For this reason, pressure management by real-time control method is very beneficial especially in large cities where the water consumption pattern shows large oscillations. Two important activities were carried out in this study. The first one is to perform a sensitivity analysis by performing Real Time pressure management under different water loss scenarios in a hypothetical network. The second is to demonstrate that this method is successful in reducing water losses by applying Real Time pressure management in the hydraulic model of a real network.

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DergiTeknik Dergi/Technical Journal of Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 2021

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