Water as a design strategy: Case study of Kurbagalidere, Istanbul

G. Aytac*, D. Kusuluoglu

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Throughout human history, water has been the most importance source for human body and the Earth. 70% of the Earth surface and the human body are covered with water. One of the most important environmental problems of 21st century is the quality of water and water scarcity all around the world. In this study, it is aimed to discourse on how we can use water as a directive design criteria for urban water supply systems with a look of current water infrastructure coming from 19th century. The purpose is to explore the dominant factors of urban water management as a strategy for ecological design, therefore to refer to the Olmsted natural drainage concept - Emerald Necklace as a natural drainage of Boston - of urban water infrastructure systems and to identify the potential of urban water conservation strategies for new green infrastructure and decentralisation approaches and emphasize the importance of the cooperation of urban water infrastructure in relation to ecological design. In this study, 'water as a design strategy' is examined in Istanbul-Kurbagalidere case study with the current infrastructural problems of an important residential area and to describe water as a design tool for possible rehabilitation purpose.

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Sayfa (başlangıç-bitiş)1536-1542
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DergiJournal of Environmental Protection and Ecology
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