Waste characterization and recycling potential in a university campus: ITU Ayazağa Campus zero waste management practices

Kadriye Elif Maçin*, Kadir Özçelik, Hüseyin Güven, Osman Atilla Arıkan

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The solid waste management (SWM) approach for the protection of resources known as “zero waste” (ZW) has become popular in recent years. Waste characterization is the first step to pursuing a comprehensive and sustainable SWM strategy. The aim of this study is to determine the waste characterization and recycling potential of the Istanbul Technical University (Türkiye) Ayazağa Campus before (2019) and after (2022) the ZW management strategy. The campus was divided into four distinctive groups, which are (1) academic (2) administrative (3) dormitory and (4) cafeteria. First, an initial field study was conducted afterwards, the new containers were placed. Students and campus personnel have been trained within the scope of ZW management practices through both in-person and online seminars. The final phase of the study, the second field work, was completed. The waste generation rate in the pilot areas fluctuates between 0.045 and 0.190 kg/cap/day, but it decreases to 0.011–0.117 kg/cap/day in the second field study. The first field study had a potential recycling rate of 76.3%, but then it dropped to 68.2% in the second study. Recycling rate increased from 16.3 to 26.1% over the same period. However, further studies are still required to assess the ZW’s public awareness activities. Consequently, this study enhances the understanding of current SWM performance on campus and provides suggestions to achieve the ZW goal.

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DergiJournal of Material Cycles and Waste Management
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The authors thank İbrahim Demir for his scientific contribution and the Research Fund of the Istanbul Technical University for the financial support of this research as part of the study of Project ID: 42255. The authors also thank Nihan Keskin for her support QGIS program visualization and undergraduate students for their support during the field study.

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Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi42255

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