Valorization of tea waste: Composition, bioactivity, extraction methods, and utilization

Tümay Gözdem Çakmak, Beyza Saricaoglu, Gulay Ozkan, Merve Tomas, Esra Capanoglu*

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Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide and has many health effects. Although there are many different types of tea, black tea and green tea comprise 98% of total tea production in the world. Tea waste production consists of withering, crushing, fermentation, drying and finally packaging processes. All of the waste generated during this production line is called tea waste. Tea production results in a significant amount of waste that cannot be effectively used for value creation. This waste contains many different components including protein, fiber, caffeine, and polyphenols. Due to its rich composition, it can be revalorized for different purposes. In this study, the general composition and bioactive compounds of tea waste were reviewed. Despite the fact that there have been few studies on the bioactivity of tea waste, those studies have also been discussed. The extraction techniques that are used to separate the compounds in the waste are also covered. It has been indicated that these valuable compounds, which can be separated from tea wastes by extraction methods, have the potential to be used for different purposes, such as biogas production, functional foods, food additives, silages, soluble packaging materials, and adsorbents. Although there are some studies on the revalorization of tea waste, new studies on the extraction of bioactive compounds are necessary to improve its utilization potential.

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DergiFood Science and Nutrition
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - May 2024

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