Towards setting a standard for evaluating living labs with case studies in Turkiye

Ozge Celik Yilmaz*, Ozhan Ertekin

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The article highlights the significance of understanding success criteria by gathering data from key stakeholders associated with Basaksehir Living Lab, Bodrum Living Lab and Mezopotamya Living Lab via the in-depth interview method. These interviews aim to gain insights into how these living labs have addressed and incorporated the identified success criteria within their initiatives and to understand the impact and outcomes they have achieved in their respective contexts. The interviews reveal valuable insights and lessons learned that could inform the design and implementation of future lab initiatives. Furthermore, the findings contribute to the existing knowledge base on ULLs, shedding light on their potential to address urban challenges, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable urban development. However, there is a literature gap in terms of a comprehensive understanding of the success criteria specific to ULLs, which hinders the effective utilization of ULLs as platforms for addressing urban challenges. The conclusions drawn from the article emphasize the need for further examination of these labs' openness, user empowerment, and transferability criteria. Nevertheless, the article contributes to understanding the success criteria of ULLs and provides insights for future research and practice.

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DergiTechnology in Society
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - Haz 2024

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