The use of landslide hazard maps to determine mitigation priorities in a dam reservoir and its protection area

Hakan A. Nefeslioglu*, Tolga Gorum

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Despite longstanding research on the landslide hazard assessment and mapping, the use this information in regional planning applications remains largely unclear. There is still a need for novel methods to interpret the results of hazard analyses. In this respect, the main research question of this study is how the landslide hazard maps can be evaluated in planning practice. To evaluate this issue, a comprehensive case study was carried out and a new methodology, defining the order of priority for the locations where mitigation measures are applied was developed. The investigations were carried out in the Melen Dam reservoir, which provides potable water to the city of Istanbul, and the dam protection area (Duzce, Turkey) in four main stages: (i) Evaluation of the general characteristics of the study area, (ii) preparation of landslide inventory, (iii) development of landslide hazard model, and (iv) implementation of the results of hazard analyses in planning. As a consequence, a decision support system that can evaluate analytically complicated outputs “PCombined”, “PAL min.”, and “LTotal” and provide clear decisions “Urgent”, “Primary”, and “Secondary” was suggested. Considering the limited resources available for the mitigation measures, the determination of mitigation priorities for the micro-catchments constitutes the key land-use policy for the protection of the dam reservoir.

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This study was supported by the General Directorate of Combating Desertification and Erosion (Ankara, Turkey). The authors would like to thank Ismail Bulut (MSc) and A. Kursat Ozcan for their support during the field studies and Dr. Hakan Tanyas for his constructive comments on the manuscript. Dr. Tolga Gorum wishes to thank the Turkish Academy of Sciences for their support within the framework of the Distinguished Young Scientist Award Program (TÜBA-GEBIP-2016).

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Türkiye Bilimler AkademisiTÜBA-GEBIP-2016

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