The effect of oil temperature and additive concentration on the wear of non-hydrogenated DLC coating

H. Abdullah Tasdemir*, Masaharu Wakayama, Takayuki Tokoroyama, Hiroyuki Kousaka, Noritsugu Umehara, Yutaka Mabuchi, Tsuyoshi Higuchi

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Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings are amorphous hard carbon films which offer excellent mechanical and tribological properties. Recently, these coatings have been applied to engine and powertrain components in passenger cars, including those under boundary lubricated conditions. Tribological performance of DLC coatings in oil lubricated conditions and their interaction with various lubricant additives are very complex due to the variety of DLC coatings and lubricants. In this study, the effects of oil temperature and additive concentration on the wear and friction performance of non-hydrogenated tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C DLC) coating have been investigated. Tribological tests were conducted using a pin-on-disc tribotester with ta-C DLC coated steel pins sliding against non-coated steel discs. Tribological tests were also carried out between DLC coated pin against germanium disc in base oil for clarification of wear mechanism. The ta-C coating gave very low boundary friction with base oil at 50 °C but the coating experienced limited durability with increased wear rate at higher temperature against steel disc. Organic friction modifier glycerol-mono-oleate was able to preserve low friction behavior of the coating at higher temperature with enhanced durability. The anti-wear additive Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (ZnDTP) provided excellent wear protection for the ta-C coating due to the formation of thick pad-like tribofilm on steel counterpart at all temperature ranges but rubbing in ZnDTP additivated oil lead to higher friction coefficient. The results obtained at high temperature show the significant and beneficial influence of oil additives on the wear performance of the coating. Based on the obtained results and analysis, the wear performance of non-hydrogenated DLC was found to have a clear dependence on the concentration of the lubricant additives, test temperature and counter material.

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