The Coupling Effect on Torsional and Longitudinal Vibrations of Marine Propulsion Shaft System

Akile Neşe Halilbeşe*, Osman Azmi Özsoysal

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The propulsion shaft system is one of the essential parts of the ships due to its reliability and stabilization directly affecting the safety in operation. The propulsion system transmits the torque generated by the engine to the propeller via the main shaft. During its navigation, torsional, longitudinal, and transversal vibrations inevitably occur, and precautions must be taken during the design stage to prevent system damage and reduce power transmission efficiency. In this article, three dissimilar models numerically generated by the lumped-mass method are used to investigate the harmonic conclusions of forced coupled torsional and longitudinal vibrations of the system. Numerical results correlated with the experimental results at rotational speed and load acting onto the propulsion shaft system. A further finding is to create a third method upon discussing the facts revealed by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the models, especially considering differences between the first two models.

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DergiJournal of Eta Maritime Science
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This research is supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) 2214-A International Doctoral Research Fellowship Programme. Experiments were performed at the Wuhan University of Technology. The authors offer sincere thanks to Professor Xinping Yan, Cong Zhang, and Qianwen Huang at Wuhan University of Technology for their valuable support and guidance during the corresponding author’s academic visit

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