Tahtaci semahlarinin hareket olarak İncelenmesİ

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Traditional culture is the most important representation of national identity and the reason for the existence of societies. Therefore, Tahtacı semahs, one of the traditional elements of culture that have reached our day passed through generation with their dynamism is the main subject of this study. The aim of this study is to provide an examination of movements in Tahtacı semahs. Semah is a part of the Cem ceremony, an important aspect of the Alevi culture and can be defined as a ritual comprised of traditional musical instruments, words and movements in the accompaniment of a dede. There are many theoretical studies, compilations and articles which have examined semahs with regard to their cultural dimension. However, there is a lack of studies examining semahs movements. In this regard, the topic of Tahtacı semahs is the first step of a research project started by the Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory, Turkish Folk Dances Department based on the fact that there is no analytical examination focused solely on movements. Semah records from various Tahtacı villages were reached as a part of the study. It was observed that the Tahtacı semahs have a common structure with regard to movements and musical pattern even though the Tahtacıs as a community are located in many different regions of Turkey. Therefore, semah examples recorded at Izmir Narlıdere and Aydın Alamut were examined in terms of movements. As a result, the movement forms were transposed as a pattern, whereas the steps were transposed by way of Romanotation movement in the accompaniment of melody notes in order to make it more understandable. There are also applications that render the movements ritualistic which are executed at certain stages of the semah from the beginning to the end. These are also included in the article. However, it is not possible to state that all the characteristics determined and transposed in such a specific study are only those of the Tahtacı Semahs. In this regard, the study does not contain any information and conclusion.

Tercüme edilen katkı başlığıAn examination of movements in Tahtaci semahs
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