Synthesis of particles of Ni- and Co-powders by ultrasonic spray of NiCl2 and Co(NO3)2 and hydrogen reduction pyrolysis

Srećko Stopić*, Bernd Friedrich, Sebahattin Gürmen

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Spherical, non-agglomerated nanosized particles of nickel and cobalt, suitable for direct application in e.g high technology sintered materials, were prepared by ultrasonic dispersion of corresponding salt solutions. The actual increase in the interest for nanometer metal powders with well defined characteristics is the consequence of the need for metallic materials with improved properties and better reliability. In the last decades it became obvious that the full control of synthesis parameters is essential to develop nanometer metal particles with novel functional properties leading to new applications. The ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method was used in this investigation as a useful tool for small-scale preparation of nanosized nickel and cobalt particles. A controlled particle size was realized through the choice of precursor and solution concentration as well as by changing the aerosol decomposition parameters. The experimental investigations were performed by ultrasonic sources of 0.80-2.50 MHz, acting on water solution of the metal salts (chloride and nitrate) forming aerosols with constant droplet sizes. This size depends on the characteristic of the solution and the frequency of the ultrasound. The subsequent thermal decomposition of the aerosol droplets was performed in hydrogen atmosphere between 800-1000°C. The choice of reaction parameters (frequency of ultrasonic atomizer, concentration of an initial solution, hydrogen-nitrogen ratio, flow rate and different additives) is very important for the synthesis of uniform spherical metal particles. The paper presents the ways to control this synthesis over the choice of the reaction parameters and compares the experimental results with a calculation of the average diameter of particles of Ni- and Co-powder.

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Ana bilgisayar yayını başlığıProceedings - European Metallurgical Conference, EMC 2005
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 2005
EtkinlikEuropean Metallurgical Conference, EMC 2005 - Dresden, Germany
Süre: 18 Eyl 200521 Eyl 2005

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AdıProceedings - European Metallurgical Conference, EMC 2005


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