Lima Najjar*, Fatma Aycim Turer Baskaya

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In the 21st century, digital technologies have begun to play a more active role in ensuring sustainability. This situation has led to studies examining the interaction between digital technologies and different academic disciplines in many study areas. In terms of spatial planning and design disciplines, this study focuses on spatial video projection (SVP). Through bibliometric analysis, this paper aims to identify and locate an assortment of SVP technologies and contemporary urban public open spaces (POSs) within the global research landscape. Utilizing WOS, Scopus, and the VOSviewer software, a 6-phase process is used to evaluate the current research landscape. The phases include: identifying groups of keywords for cross-examination within the manuscripts; exploring words inside articles with their dominancy levels and linkage clarity through bibliometric analysis; developing a grading technique regarding dominancy levels; grouping graded words into thematic fields; calculating overall values of each of the fields for both databases settings; and comparing the fields for developing discussions and strategies. The findings of this study indicate that architectural disciplines lack SVP-related research. In future academic studies, the approach used in this study could be used to develop topic selection strategies in multidisciplinary settings. In addition, it is expected that SVP will offer potential applications for enhancing the quality of the shared public spatial experience of cities. Thus, this study also forms a cornerstone for further research investigating the potential of utilizing SVP in POSs for the sustainability of cities.

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This research study supports the continuing Ph.D. thesis of Lima Najjar in the Graduate School at Istanbul Technical University.

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