Selection and recruitment process of Vessel Traffic Services Operators

Burçin Erlevent*, Yunus Emre Şenol, Serdar Kum

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Vessel Traffic Service Operators (VTSOs) provide quality services in a certain standard and systematic way worldwide. Moreover, authorities should design all VTSO training by international standards and existing training techniques/trends to achieve this at the international level. Therefore, this research is focused on the training of the operators, which is the most crucial element for safer, timely, and effective services. However, the research results reveal that the job application criteria and selection techniques directly or indirectly affect the training program and syllabus. Hereof, this study aims to identify factors affecting the selection and recruitment process of VTSOs. In addition, face-to-face interviews were conducted through VTSOs, trainers, and observations in training centres for further thought. Likewise, novel approaches, methods and recommendations bring forward a proposal for selecting and recruiting VTSOs and training models, curricula, and techniques. The findings and outputs also indicate the need for new and detailed studies.

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DergiAustralian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
Yayın durumuKabul Edilmiş/Basında - 2023

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