Restoration approach to improve sustainability and longevity in existing historical structures

Baris Sayin, Cemil Akcay, Baris Yildizlar, Turhan Bilir, T. Serhat Bozkurt

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An aspect of the sustainable structure is the retrofitting of structural members in buildings and this yield to less use of natural resources and increase the strength of such materials for the same or similar purpose, thereby reducing waste as well. Sustainable structure also enhances the recycling of the industry as such materials are readily available in the world market. Structural materials are examples of sustainable materials and its combinations, however, the life time of structures and materials are decreased by environmental conditions, especially. Accordingly, repairing and strengthening of historical structures are an important factor in terms of transfer new generations and maintain preserving of such structures. This study focuses on restoration studies included repairing and strengthening, therefore, it is aimed to extend the buildings’ service life and preserve its original structure and materials. In the present study, historical buildings, registered as protection required of cultural asset by the Protection of Cultural Assets District Board, is investigated. It is examined that retrofitting techniques in the buildings are performed repairing and strengthening applications by steel profile, jacketing, lime mortar, CFRP, steel mesh and injection according to material analysis on historical structural members.

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DergiSustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 2016
Etkinlik4th International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies, SCMT 2016 - Las Vegas, United States
Süre: 7 Ağu 201611 Ağu 2016

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