Relative tectonic activity assessment of the Tuz Gölü Fault Zone Central Anatolia, Turkey

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The Tuz Gölü Fault Zone is one of the major tectonic structures in Central Anatolia that can produce seismic hazards. This study provides geomorphic analyses of fault-generated mountain fronts and stream channel gradients that cross different segments of the fault zone. The mountain front sinuosity (S. mf) and the valley-width to valley-height ratio (V. f) analyses suggest moderate activity for the fault segments. The stream channel gradient analysis (S. L) reveals that streams crossing the fault segments have higher channel gradients characterized by knickpoints or knickzones. Their longitudinal profiles reflect the transient character of the landscape due to ongoing differential uplift along the fault zone. Along strike variations of the S. mf, V. f and S. L values are compatible with general relief of the mountain front. The topographic swath profile of the TGFZ implies that the maximum relief and incision are focused at the central part of the fault zone. Based on these geomorphic analyses, the central segments might provide higher seismic risk with respect to the northern and southern segments of the fault zone, and need to be evaluated more carefully for the regional seismic hazard.

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The author would like to thank Okan Tüysüz, Attila Çiner and Taylor F. Schildgen for their comments to improve the manuscript and language corrections, and also to Tuncay Taymaz and an anonymous reviewer for their useful comments and judicious evaluations that significantly improved the manuscript. This study is part of the Anatolian Plateau Climate and Tectonic Hazards (ALERT) project, funded by the European Union Marie Curie Actions “Initial Training Networks (ITN)” program (grant agreement number 607996 ).

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Anatolian Plateau Climate and Tectonic Hazards
European Union Marie Curie Actions607996

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