Relation of bubble size, grade and recovery in the copper flotation systems

Adnan Ceylan, Beste Aydın, Ferihan Göktepe, Gülay Bulut*

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In recent years, studies have shown that bubble structure, which is affected by reagent types, dosages, and particle size, is closely related to flotation performance. In contrast to two-phase systems, there is very limited information regarding bubble size in three-phase systems. To this aim, we investigated the relationship between bubble size and flotation performance with two different copper ores. Firstly, the surface tension and bubble size measurements were carried out in two-phase systems with Methyl isobutyl carbinol, and Polypropylene glycol methyl ether. Then the bubble size measurements were performed in three-phase systems at laboratory and industrial scales. The results showed that surface tension decreased with higher frother amounts and higher pHs. Although remarkable decreases in bubble size were observed with increasing frother amount, a direct relationship between surface tension and bubble size was not observed. However, pH affected the behavior of the frother, resulting in smaller bubble sizes at pH 12 compared to pH 7. Similarly, the three-phase laboratory tests showed that higher amount of frother caused a reduction in the bubble size and the copper grade. Increasing the amount of collector also caused the bubble size and copper grade to decrease, but the frothers were more effective in bubble size reduction. Compared to the two-phase, in the three-phase study bubble size was notably bigger due to the presence of a collector and solid. In the plant scale, smaller bubble size and higher grade were obtained compared with the laboratory scale due to presence of cleaning circuit measurements. The froth phase properties were also affected by the ore types due to properties such as size and hydrophobicity of the various mineral species present.

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DergiColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 5 Tem 2024

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