Recent tectonic features of Western Anatolia based on half-space modeling of GNSS Data

Halil İbrahim Solak*, İbrahim Tiryakioğlu, Çağlar Özkaymak, Hasan Sözbilir, Bahadır Aktuğ, Hasan Hakan Yavaşoğlu, Ali Özkan

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A new block model including a 111-site GNSS network was computed to determine deformation pattern in Western Anatolia. These GNSS sites serving the block model were observed for at least 16 h within two consecutive days in 3 different years ranging from 2005-2010. The GNSS dataset obtained from this network were processed with GAMIT / GLOBK software and a high-precision Eurasia-fixed velocity field was produced for the Western Anatolia region. The results show that the region moves in the southwest direction with rates of 18–28 mm/yr with respect to Eurasian plate. To study the crustal stretching of the study area, we computed a novel model consisting of 6 blocks and 14 fault segments. Unlike the previously published block models, our preferred model consists of relatively smaller blocks and much more GNSS sites. Most of the block boundaries align almost in E-W direction except for one lying along NE-SW accommodated with İzmir-Balıkesir Transfer Zone that has the highest lateral movement throughout the region. Achieved results highlight the importance of the structural elements in an active crustal stretching setting, with transfer faults approximately parallel to the main extension direction.

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There are no commercial associations that might pose a conflict of interest. We wish to confirm that there are no known conflicts of interest associated with this publication. This work was supported by the Afyon Kocatepe University Research Foundation (project numbers: AKÜ-BAP 19.FENBİL.2, AKÜ-BAP 19.FENBİL.11). The authors are grateful to numerous graduate students of Geomatics Engineering of Afyon Kocatepe University, General Directorate of Mapping and other institutions for support of the GNSS measurements and data.

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Afyon Kocatepe University Research Foundation
General Directorate of Mapping
Geomatics Engineering of Afyon Kocatepe University

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