Radiation-aware analog circuit design via fully-automated simulation environment

Omer Yusuf Muhikanci, Kemal Ozanoglu*, Engin Afacan, Mustafa Berke Yelten, Günhan Dündar

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As a result of increased interest in space applications, radiation-aware circuit design has become a major concern to guarantee the safe operation of electronic systems operating under extreme space conditions. As the first step, several ad-hoc simulation approaches have been developed in analog and digital domains to estimate the functional behavior of circuits exposed to high radiation. However, most of these tools are application specific and stand-alone (not integrated into the simulation tools). Also, several commercial CAD solutions exist; however, access to these tools is limited due to security measures. To this end, we have developed a well-equipped, SPICE-integrated, and free-to-access simulation tool, RadiSPICE, capable of running statistical radiation simulations and performing extended temperature and sensitivity analyses. By using RadiSPICE, one can readily predict the functional behavior of circuits after long-term or short-term radiation effects. Moreover, the sensitivity analysis reveals vulnerabilities of the design against radiation and provides valuable design hints to the designer to make circuits radiation-hardened. To demonstrate the proposed tool, we have performed several experiments on two analog building blocks with different topologies (bandgap reference and comparator circuits) using RadiSPICE and discussed the robustness of the designs in detail.

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