Publication trends in supply chain management in the fashion industry

Basak Cetinguc, Eyup Calik, Fethi Calisir*

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The main objective of this research is to conduct a scientometric analysis of supply chain management in fashion- industry literature. The data were gathered from Web of Science database. “Fashion Industry” and “Supply Chain Manage- ment” were used as keywords to perform this research. Without narrowing down the time bounds, this search identified 123 publications related to supply chain management in the fashion industry were published up to that date. Though there have been annual ups and downs in the number of publications, the annual number of publications increased from one in 2000 to 18 in 2015. The most productive year was 2014 with 23 papers. Articles were the most popular documentation style with 94 papers, and the other documentation types were conferences, reviews, patents and editorial papers, in descending order. Moreover, 91% of publications were written in English, and China was found to be the most productive country. Con- cerning research areas, there was a wide range of fields, while the most trendy research area was engineering with 26%. Furthermore, the source titles spanned 79 various sources. At the top was the International Journal of Production Topics with 13 publications, while 47 different sources titles contained only one publication each. This research offers an insight into fashion-industry literature, specifically on supply chain management. The statistics gathered from Web of Science might enlighten researchers, who want to publish a document in this area, about their publication options.

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