Propolis and gastrointestinal tract diseases

Büşra Gültekin Subaşı, Tugba Ozdal, Esra Capanoglu

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Propolis, the resinous “bee glue,” has been investigated widely due to its bioactive phytochemicals and potential to treat various diseases. Gastrointestinal tract disorders are among the severe diseases that many individuals suffer as either recoverable in specific periods or for life-long situations. From the loss of daily-life quality to life-threatening severe cases, gastrointestinal tract disorders have a wide range of symptoms usually palliated by medication; however, those rarely target to cure the origin of a disease or reverse the pathologic lesions. Symptom palliation and/or suppression might cause many other undesired side effects which may require different medication. Propolis has a significant potential to treat these challenging diseases instead of suppressing the symptoms. The present chapter covers the potential effects of propolis bioactive compounds and phytochemicals with their brief mechanism of action on oral mucositis, gastrointestinal cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, and antiulcer activity.

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Ana bilgisayar yayını başlığıBee Products and Their Applications in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
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