Polysaccharides in fabrication of membranes: A review

Vahid Vatanpour*, Bahar Yavuzturk Gul, Bihter Zeytuncu, Sevde Korkut, Gülmire İlyasoğlu, Turker Turken, Michael Badawi, Ismail Koyuncu*, Mohammad Reza Saeb

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Sustainability concerns have motivated and directed a great deal of interest over the past decade towards the development of green technologies. Polysaccharides are green polymers, which experienced growing demand to substitute chemically synthetic polymers. Different types of polysaccharides i.e. cellulose-, starch-, chitin- alginate-, and chitosan-based carbohydrate polymers have been applied in the fabrication of separation membranes. The purpose of the current review was to summarize, classify, and discuss the state-of-the-art the fabrication of membranes with carbohydrate polymers. Specific attention was paid to highlight the strategies used in the successful development of such membranes. First, a brief review of different types of polysaccharides was performed. Next, the application of these polysaccharides in the fabrication of liquid filtration, gas separation, adsorption, pervaporation and proton exchange membranes were comprehensively reviewed. Computational evaluations were also reviewed. Eventually, concluding remarks together with challenging aspects of the future perspective over application of polysaccharide membranes were discussed.

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The authors thankfully acknowledge the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) and the Kharazmi University (Iran) for all of the supports provided. The authors declare that they have no known competing financial interests or personal relationships that could have appeared to influence the work reported in this paper.

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