Performance evaluation of newly designed disposable surgical gowns

Selin Hanife Eryuruk*, Burcak Karaguzel Kayaoglu, Pelin Altay

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Surgical gowns are used as protective clothing in operating room for medical personnel and patients to minimize the transmission of viruses and pathogens, and are designed to serve as a barrier against non-sterile area and to reduce the risk of infections. In this study, since disposable gowns provide better barrier effect compared to reusable ones, surgical gowns designed using nonwoven fabric and membrane-nonwoven combination were investigated in terms of their performance characteristics and thermal comfort properties. Functional properties of produced disposable surgical gowns such as tensile strength, tear strength, resistance to water penetration, air permeability, thermal properties, water vapor permeability and water vapor resistance were tested and statistically evaluated. Results show that SMS fabrics have higher tear strength than that of PP and PE fabrics, and welding method provides higher seam strength than that of ultrasonic one. Membrane reinforcement was found to be required for both PP and SMS fabrics, especially in areas that may be exposed to fluid passage. SMS fabrics have higher air permeability values than that of PP fabrics leading to improved comfort of the wearer. Membrane reinforcement caused an increase in thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, thermal diffusion, thermal absorption and water vapor resistance values. Considering the performance and comfort requirements of the wearer, SMS nonwoven fabric, and membrane reinforcement in areas where there is a possibility of exposure to body fluids was the most suitable model.

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This study was supported by Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Projects (Project Number: MGA-2018-41026).

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