Nonorthogonal spin-momentum locking

Tugrul Hakioglu, Wei Chi Chiu, Robert S. Markiewicz, Bahadur Singh, Arun Bansil

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Spin-momentum locking is a unique intrinsic feature of strongly spin-orbit coupled materials and a key to their promise of applications in spintronics and quantum computation. Much of the existing work, in topological and nontopological pure materials, has been focused on the orthogonal locking in the vicinity of the Γ point where the directions of spin and momentum vectors are locked perpendicularly. With the orthogonal case, enforced by the symmetry in pure systems, mechanisms responsible for nonorthogonal spin-momentum locking (NOSML) have drawn little attention, although it has been reported on the topological surface of α-Sn. Here, we demonstrate that the presence of the spin-orbit scattering from dilute spinless impurities can produce the NOSML state in the presence of a strong intrinsic spin-orbit coupling in the pristine material. We also observe an interesting coupling threshold for the NOSML state to occur. The relevant parameter in our analysis is the deflection angle from orthogonality which can be extracted experimentally from the spin-and-angle-resolved photoemission spectra. Our formalism is applicable to all strongly spin-orbit coupled systems with impurities and not limited to topological ones. The understanding of NOSML bears on spin-orbit dependent phenomena, including issues of spin-to-charge conversion and the interpretation of quasiparticle interference patterns as well as scanning-tunneling spectra in general spin-orbit coupled materials.

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Makale numarası155103
DergiPhysical Review B
Basın numarası15
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 15 Eki 2023

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T.H.'s research is supported by the BAP Project TDK-2018-41181 of the Istanbul Technical University where a major part of this work was done. T.H. also thanks Northeastern University for support during his visit. The work at Northeastern University was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, Grant No. DE-SC0022216 (accurate modeling of complex magnetic states) and benefited from Northeastern University's Advanced Scientific Computation Center and the Discovery Cluster and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center through DOE Grant No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.

FinansörlerFinansör numarası
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Science
Basic Energy SciencesDE-SC0022216
National Energy Research Scientific Computing CenterDE-AC02-05CH11231
Northeastern University
Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
Bilimsel Araştırma Projeleri Birimi, İstanbul Teknik ÜniversitesiTDK-2018-41181

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