Nanotribological characteristics of laser surface melted Stellite 12+Mo hardfacing

Shaikh Asad Ali Dilawary, Amir Motallebzadeh, Muhammad Afzal, Erdem Atar, Huseyin Cimenoglu*

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Purpose: The purpose of the study is to examine the sliding wear performance of plasma transfer arc (PTA) deposited and laser surface melted (LSM) Mo modified Stellite 12 hardfacings under high contact stresses (i.e. >20 GPa). Design/methodology/approach: For this purpose, after structural characterization, sliding wear tests have been conducted using sphero-conical diamond indenter as the counterface with different normal loads. The wear tracks formed on the hardfacings were examined by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Findings: Both hardfacings showed severe wear (at high contact stress levels ranging from 24 to 41 GPa), which progressed by plastic deformation, although the wear resistance of LSMed hardfacings was better than the PTA hardfacings by a factor of two due to its near surface microstructure characterized as carbide-rich zone. Originality/value: Sliding wear characterization of a promising 10 Wt.% Mo modified version of commercial Stellite 12 hardfacings (as reported previously by authors) was done in as PTA and LSMed states using nanomechanical test system. To the best of authors’ knowledge, no report is available in the open literature on such hardfacings under these testing conditions.

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Research grant provided by Istanbul Technical University [Grant number MDK-2017-40819] is gratefully acknowledged. Shaikh Asad Ali Dilawary deeply thanks (for PhD study) grant provided by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan at Istanbul Technical University. Senmak Co., Turkey deserves special thanks for the provision of PTA facility. This study was presented at 2nd International Conference on Tribology, on 18-–20 April 2018, TURKEYTRIB’18, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Istanbul Teknik ÜniversitesiMDK-2017-40819
Higher Education Commision, Pakistan

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