Multichannel R -matrix analysis of C 12 compound nucleus reactions

O. Alaçaylr*, E. Kam, T. Yetkin, R. Blylk*, T. Yalçln

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We have calculated the cross sections (CS), differential cross sections (DCS), and astrophysical S factors for the reactions B11(p,α1)Be∗8, B11(p,α0)Be8, B11(p,p0)B11, B11(p,p1)11B∗, B11(p,γ0)C12, B11(p,γ1)12C∗, and B11(p,n0)C11 through a multichannel-multilevel R-matrix analysis. We have performed calculations for the energy range 100 keV-3.5 MeV and compared the calculated values with the experimental values. As a result, we have obtained the energy value, spin, and parity of some C12 excited levels within this energy interval. Additionally, we have determined the channel spins and angular momentum of the α1-Be∗8, α0-Be8, p0-B11, p1-B∗11, and n0-C11 pairs, as well as the electric and magnetic multipoles of the B11(p,γ0)C12 and B11(p,γ1)12C∗ channels. Although the analysis results and experimental data mostly agree, we have found some inconsistencies in the S-factor values for the B11(p,p1)11B∗ channel at the 19.2-19.5 MeV energy interval. For the B11(p,α1)Be∗8 decay channel of the 16.57 MeV (2-) resonance, the literature discusses which orbital angular momentum quantum value (l=1 or l=3) is true. We used both values in our analysis, and although no significant difference in the results were observed in the region of the 16.57 MeV (2-) resonance, we obtained a better fit with l=3 values in the high energy region affected by the tail of this resonance.

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