Motivation of civil engineers and architects in Turkey

Atilla Damci*, David Arditi, Gul Polat, Harun Turkoglu

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Motivation is one of the key factors that stimulate individuals to improve their productivity. Therefore, motivation of construction workers has been debated with considerable interest by participants in the construction industry. However, motivating only construction workers, but ignoring the motivation of construction professionals, viz., architects and civil engineers, may not be enough to successfully complete a construction project. Although motivation of construction professionals may also enhance the performance of a construction project, this topic is mostly ignored in the motivation literature. This study attempts to fill this gap by (1) identifying the motivators that are of importance to architects and civil engineers and (2) exploring the statistical difference between architects’ and civil engineers’ motivators. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was administered to Turkish architects and civil engineers to collect data on their perceptions of the importance of different motivators. The case of Turkey is investigated because several of the larger Turkish contractors undertake construction projects outside their home country. Statistical analysis was performed on the collected data to verify whether there are statistically significant differences in the perception of some motivators by architects and civil engineers. The study demonstrates the existence of a statistically significant difference between architects’ and civil engineers’ motivators. Identifying the architects’ and civil engineers’ motivators may help construction companies in motivating their architects and civil engineers more effectively, thus developing a quality workforce.

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This research was supported by a grant from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), for which the author is indebted.

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