Model-based, fully simulated, system-level power consumption estimation of IoT devices

Özen Özkaya*, Berna Örs

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Internet of things (IoT) gaining more importance due to its crucial role in pervasive computing and also Industry 4.0. Since the number of IoT devices is scaling up to multiple dozens of billions, the importance of energy efficiency is significantly increased. With the consideration of huge variety of IoT device hardware and software, a comprehensive model and estimation methodology on energy consumption is necessary as an enabler. IoT devices are also frequently updated, upgraded and maintained because of the evolving nature of the requirements and market demands. Each and every such operation has an effect on the power consumption and arose the necessity for a new energy consumption modeling and estimation. This process is applicable for development of IoT devices, as well as the maintenance phase. Since the variety of designs is unlimited, and battery capacity is usually fixed, or a cost factor, a generic, fully simulated, model-based energy consumption estimation of IoT devices is crucial. In this study, we aim to address this problem via proposing fully simulated, model-based, system-level power estimation approaches, as well as their success rate in typical real-life scenarios. It can be seen that the proposed methodology has high accuracy over %97. For the realization of the best-proposed approach, we used Open Virtual Platform (OVP) as an instruction set accurate simulator.

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