Metamorphism and diachronous cooling in a contractional orogen: The Strandja Massif, NW Turkey

G. Sunal*, M. Satir, B. A. Natal'in, G. Topuz, O. Vonderschmidt

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The southern part of the Strandja Massif, northern Thrace, Turkey, comprises a basement of various gneisses, micaschists and rare amphibolite, and a cover of metaconglomerate and metasandstone, separated from each other by a pre-metamorphic unconformity. Metamorphic grade decreases from the epidote-amphibolite facies in the south to the albite-epidote-amphibolite/ greenschist-facies transition in the north. Estimated P-T conditions are 485-530 °C and 0.60-0.80 GPa in the epidote- amphibolite facies domain, and decrease towards the transitional domain between greenschist- and epidote-amphibolite facies. Rb-Sr muscovite ages range from 162.9 ± 1.6 Ma to 149.1 ± 2.1 Ma, and are significantly older (279-296 Ma) in the northernmost part of the study area. The Rb-Sr biotite ages decrease from 153.9 ± 1.5 Ma in the south to 134.4 ± 1.3 Ma in the north. These age values in conjunction with the attained temperatures suggest that the peak metamorphism occurred at around 160 Ma and cooling happened diachronously, and Rb-Sr muscovite ages were not reset during the metamorphism in the northernmost part. Structural features such as (i) consistent S-dipping foliation and SW to SE-plunging stretching lineation, (ii) top-to-the-N shear sense, and (iii) N-vergent ductile shear zones and brittle thrusts suggest a N-vergent compressional deformation coupled with exhumation. We tentatively ascribe this metamorphism and subsequent diachronous cooling to the northward propagation of a thrust slice. The compressional events in the Strandja Massif were most probably related to the coeval N-vergent subduction/collision system in the southerly lying Rhodope Massif.

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DergiGeological Magazine
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