Is Creativity-Based Urban Development Possible in Turkey? An Evaluation of Small Cities on the Aegean Coast

Ebru Kerimoglu*

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Contemporary urban development policies require a thorough understanding of local dynamics. It is crucial to comprehend the roles played by all actors and mechanisms involved in the process, including policy-making institutions, to ensure effective policy making. Understanding the concept of creative industries and cities is also necessary for contemporary urban development. Turkey needs a clear strategy for developing a creative economy on both the national and metropolitan levels. Progress has been limited so far, with no sign of significant improvement in the near future. Recent developments show that small cities have started to play a role in initiating the development of creative economies. Migration to small- and medium-sized cities changes human geography, and urban development policies are becoming more flexible to accommodate these conditions. This paper focuses on three small coastal cities with similar climatic, economic, and socio-cultural characteristics and agriculture and tourism-based economies in Turkey (Avyalik, Bodrum, and Urla) and evaluates the local dynamics to understand what fosters creativity-based development. These cities possess significant potential for the development of cultural industries; however, in addition to the lack of awareness, interestingly, their suitable environment does not have a direct impact on triggering this development.

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Adopting a multiple-case approach, this study analyzes the local dynamics that play a role in creativity-based urban development. This paper is based on a research project supported by the ITU Research Foundation and carried out in Ayvalık, Bodrum, and Urla settlements between 2019 and 2021. Their relatively developed seasonal economies based on tourism and agriculture and rapid population growth render these coastal settlements suitable for this research. Their accessibility and climatic conditions are also facilitating factors. The fieldwork constituted interviews and meetings with local institutions and organizations. In line with the research aim and design (see ), firstly, the approaches and variables of conceptual studies were examined; simultaneously, the characteristics of the settlements and local actors were identified and communication was established with the main actors ( and ).

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ITU Research Foundation

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