Investigation of Critical Sediment Thickness Above Beachrock and Morphological Impact

Şevket Çokgör, Mustafa Selmani Özkaya

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Due to the significant effect of wave breaking in the coastal region, the sediment movement is quite high, so the profile of the coastal is constantly changing. There are many natural/human effects influencing the beach profile and the relationship of these factors is complex in nature. In this study, critical sediment thickness above the beachrock and the change in the coastalines caused by the location of the main/local beachrocks on the shore was experimentally examined. Experiments were carried out in a laboratory channel of 24 m length and 1 m width. A sand beach is formed at the end of the wave channel with a slope of 1/4. Natural rocks and concrete blocks were buried in the sediment at various depths and the effect of this structure on the beach profile was investigated. Erosion of the sediment thickness on the beachrock was investigated for different horizontal burial rates of the rock and accordingly different critical sediment depths at different locations were determined. In cases where the beachrock emerged and did not occur, the changes in the scour and accumulation locations, volumes and dimensions were compared with the absence of rock on the shore. The presented study is planned to contribute to the estimates of the coastal profile for situations such as beach nourishment projects due to the deterioration of the existing coastline.

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Ana bilgisayar yayını başlığıProceedings of the 40th IAHR World Congress
EditörlerHelmut Habersack, Michael Tritthart, Lisa Waldenberger
YayınlayanInternational Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research
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ISBN (Basılı)9789083347615
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 2023
Etkinlik40th IAHR World Congress, 2023 - Vienna, Austria
Süre: 21 Ağu 202325 Ağu 2023

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AdıProceedings of the IAHR World Congress
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