Intensity of scattered wave energy in the slab having a discontinuity

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The main purpose of this study is to explore the intensity of the scattered wave energy and the total intensity scattered around a discontinuity in a slab, considering strain and kinetic energy in the case of SH waves. The problem is very intriguing because of the multiple scattering and reflections from both the failure and the traction-free boundaries of the slab. The lowest mode of the wave is considered to decrease the complexity of the problem. Increase in frequency results in the growth of chaotic patterns with additional side lobes appearing along with the backward and forward peaks. Reflected waves of the flat boundaries in the slab disappear on the discontinuity when the thickness of the slab increases, and the results approach the infinite medium solution. However, when the size of the failure is comparable to the thickness of the slab, their effect dominates the intensity. In addition, resonance and focusing occur depending on the wavelengths and the thickness of the slab. The biggest increase in the intensity of scattered energy is especially detected on the upper and lower side of the discontinuity. All these effects of SH waves on the slab with a singularity are calculated and presented for various frequency ranges.

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DergiWaves in Random and Complex Media
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