Integrated deviance information criterion for spatial autoregressive models with heteroskedasticity

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In this study, we introduce the integrated deviance information criterion (DIC) for nested and non-nested model selection problems in heteroskedastic spatial autoregressive models. In a Bayesian estimation setting, we assume that the idiosyncratic error terms of our spatial autoregressive model have a scale mixture of normal distributions, where the scale mixture variables are latent variables that induce heteroskedasticity. We first derive the integrated likelihood function by analytically integrating out the scale mixture variables from the complete-data likelihood function. We then use the integrated likelihood function to formulate the integrated DIC measure. We investigate the finite sample performance of the integrated DIC in selecting the true model in a simulation study. The simulation results show that the integrated DIC performs satisfactorily and can be useful for selecting the correct model in specification search exercises. Finally, in a spatially augmented economic growth model, we use the integrated DIC to choose the spatial weights matrix that leads to better predictive accuracy.

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