In-situ spark plasma sintering behavior of La2O3–Y2O3 co-doped AlON ceramics: An attempt to prevent carbon contamination

Demet Aydogmus, Ozgur Duygulu, Filiz Cinar Sahin*

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Un-doped and La2O3–Y2O3 co-doped Aluminum oxynitride (AlON) ceramics were fabricated by reactive spark plasma sintering method (R–SPS) by using Al2O3 and AlN as starting powders with a composition of 70 mol% and 30 mol%, respectively. The effects of co-doping system on densification, microstructure, mechanical properties and optical transmittance of AlON ceramics were investigated. X-ray analysis confirmed the fully transformation of γ-AlON phase for all compositions prepared at 1650 °C in 30 min under 40 MPa under nitrogen. The results indicated that 0.02 wt% La2O3+0.08 wt% Y2O3 added composition had the optimal combination of sintering additives. In an attempt to reduce the graphite contamination, the powder mixture was encapsulated in a Nb-coated graphite foil before subjecting to SPS. Nb-coated graphite foil encapsulated sample was found to reduce carbon contamination leading to high densification (99.6 %) and high transmission (∼81 % at 2500 nm). This study demonstrated that optical transmittance of R-SPSed AlON ceramics is significantly improved without any post-heat treatment by using Nb-coated graphite foil during SPS processing.

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DergiJournal of Materials Research and Technology
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This work is funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) Project No: 217M905 . The authors would like to thank Prof. Dr. Mustafa Urgen for his help in PVD coating, Prof. Dr. Cevat Bora Derin and M.Sc. Faruk Kaya for their contributions to FactSage Thermodynamic Software studies and also thank to Met.&Mat. Eng. Mubashir Mansoor for the fruitful discussions.

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