Implementation of High Power Microwave Pulse Compressor

Ozlem Karsli*, Mustafa Dogan, Fatih Ahiska, O. Orkun Surel

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High-frequency power amplifiers can be equipped with complementary pulse-compressor systems to fulfill the advanced cavity power requirements. Microwave pulse compression is a power extraction method based on pulsewidth reduction and electronic triggering. The cavity is fed by pulsed-RF source, the resonance is evolved at t ≥ t0, t0 = cavity filling time. Established standing waves or resonance condition is brokendown by triggered plasma switch programmed with adjustable delay and pulsewidth. This causes the stored energy to be transmitted as shorter output RF-pulse. The implementation of a microwave pulse compression system requires careful measurements and structural modifications to be able to tune design parameters for optimal setup. In the scope of this paper, the experimental results are obtained for different waveguide lengths and various load configurations (to exploit new opportunities). All connections, iris configuration, and precise adjustment of plasma triggering have been set up cautiously. The cavity gain is increased up to 23 dB with trigatron driving improvements. High power requirements and demands are investigated for many applications, particularly for biomedical science projects.

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DergiIEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - Haz 2019

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