Homogeneity revisited: analysis of updated precipitation series in Turkey

Bugrayhan Bickici Arikan*, Ercan Kahya

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Homogeneous time series of meteorological variables are necessary for hydrologic and climate studies. Dependability of historical precipitation data is subjected to keen evaluation prior to every study in water resources, hydrology, and climate change fields. This study aims to characterize the homogeneity of long-term Turkish precipitation data in order to ensure that they can be reliably used. The homogeneity of monthly precipitation data set was tested using the standard normal homogeneity test, Buishand test, Von Neumann ratio test, and Pettitt test at the 5% significance level across Turkey. Our precipitation records including the most updated observations, extracted from 160 meteorological stations, for the periods 1974–2014 were analyzed by all the four homogeneity tests. According to the results of all tests, five out of 160 stations have an inhomogeneity. With regard to our strict confirmation rule, 44 out of 160 stations are said to be inhomogeneous since they failed from at least one of the four tests. The breaks captured by the Buishand and Pettitt tests usually tend to appear in the middle of the precipitation series, whereas the ability of standard normal homogeneity test is in favor of identifying inhomogeneities mostly at the beginning or at the end of the records. Our results showed that 42 out of 44 inhomogeneous stations passed all the four tests after applying a correction procedure based on the double mass curve analysis. Available metadata was used to interpret the detected inhomogeneity.

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Acknowledgements This research paper was supported by TUBITAK-2211C (Turkish National Science Foundation). We would like to thank TUBITAK and Istanbul Technical University BAP department for their kind supports. The authors are thankful to MGM (Turkish State Meteorological Service) authorities for providing precipitation data. And finally, we are greatly indebted to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esra AKDENİZ and Dr. Olgay SEN for their valuable contributions. We also wish to thank to Mr. Turhan Uludag, who is acting as an English instructor at ITU North Cyprus, for editing the manuscript entirely.

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Turkish National Science Foundation

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