High impedance fault localization: A comprehensive review

Eren Baharozu*, Suat Ilhan, Gurkan Soykan

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Locating high impedance faults (HIFs) is one of the biggest challenges in power networks. HIFs draw relatively low currents, so power system operators cannot easily detect them with conventional protection equipment. Therefore, finding the location of HIFs before they create catastrophic events in the network is crucial. Although several studies exist, a detailed evaluation of the proposed localization studies has not been discussed. In this paper, a comprehensive review of HIF localization methods by considering used models and some key indices is done. Furthermore, location techniques are categorized and compared with each other in terms of their pros and cons. Finally, some deduced results from reviewed localization papers are discussed in the study.

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DergiElectric Power Systems Research
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 1 Oca 2023

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