Geomorphology of the Mount Akdag landslide, Western Taurus range (SW Turkey)

Tolga Görüm*, Cihan Bayrakdar, Ugur Avdan, Resul Çömert

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This paper presents the results of a geomorphological investigation of Mount Akdag landslide complex, located on the Western Taurus range, SW Turkey. The landslide, resulting in the collapse of a 5 km segment of Mount Akdag, covers an area of 9.8 km2 and has a volume of about 3 × 108 m3. The 1:15,000 scale geomorphological map (Main Map) of the Akdag landslide presented here was produced from a combination of field studies and unmanned aerial vehicle-based DSM, including aerial-photo interpretation and geomorphometric analysis of landforms. The map shows contemporary and past geomorphological hillslope processes and landforms associated with the landslide complex. Our new map suggests that the Akdag landslide was a complex rockslide consisting of multiple landslide types that developed through various movements. We found that 43 highly developed and active mass movements on the main body and side slopes of the landslide made a major contribution to the sediment input. The sediment produced in the upstream severely threatens the touristic site of Saklikent Canyon in the lower catchment via an increasing magnitude of torrents. This map will provide important data for local and national administrators regarding monitoring up-to-date mass-wasting processes, understanding the landslide and its related sedimentary dynamics, and implementing risk assessment and necessary precautions.

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The authors would like to thank the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Istanbul University (Project number: ONAP 33594 [ID734]) and Anadolu University Scientific Research Projects Commission for their financial support through grant no. 1210E156. T. G. wishes to thank the Turkish Academy of Sciences for their support within the framework of the Distinguished Young Scientist Award Program (TÜBA-GEBIP). The authors thank Luigi Borrelli, Mihai Micu, and Chandra Jaya-suriya for their instructive and thought-provoking comments on an earlier version of this manuscript and Mr G. H. Lee for proof-reading the final version.

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Anadolu University Scientific Research Projects Commission1210E156
Istanbul ÜniversitesiID734, ONAP 33594
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