Fuzzy decision making model for selection of real time location systems

Aysenur Budak, Alp Ustundag*

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Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) have gained importance in contemporary world since they allow real time positioning of assets, people and workflows. They can be used in different sectors to increase work efficiency and quality in areas of application. The selection of the appropriate RTLS technology becomes a major decision problem since it has a multi-criteria structure which includes both qualitative and quantitative factors. In this study, a decision making model is developed for selection of the appropriate RTLS technology for companies operating in different sectors. Three main criteria are determined by existing literature and with the help of the experts, namely economic, technical and implementation factors. The Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) method is proposed to select the appropriate RTLS technology. Also sensitivity analysis is performed according to the incremental rates of main criteria. The model is applied to a hospital in Turkey considering three types of RTLS systems which are given as IR-RF hybrid, UHF RFID and Active RFID. Since the scores of the hybrid system for economic, implementation and technical factors are higher comparing the other technologies, it is selected as the best alternative.

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