From actualization to virtuality: Differentiations of becoming in Bryan Cantley’s critical architectural representation

Mustafa Mortaş*, Pelin Dursun Çebi

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The act of knowing the architectural representation which is controlled by the ratio centralism of the classical subject, prevents the representation from exploring the potentials of experiencing the event and creating the concept and difference. This study purposes to offer the issue that transforms architectural representation from knowing to designing may be revealed through the differentiations of becoming in the virtual space and non-human human comprehensions. The study deciphers Bryan Cantley’s becoming-representation atmosphere in the context of experiencing the field of possibilities of imagination and critical creativity by remaining in the event. The methodology of this research area experience to dismantle the case study of Cantley’s atmosphere with the posthuman critical theory of Rosi Braidotti and the differentiation theory of Gilles Deleuze, as the enablers of imagining, escaping from the historicist linearity and creating conceptual becoming-representations. In line with these methods, the relationalities and probabilities of Cantley’s conceptual creations such as mechudzu, post-liminal fuzz, enantiomorphistic inversions and third-space with his representation design atmosphere are deciphered. Contribution of this study for the medium of architecture is thought as attracting attention to the issues which are creating representation lexicons, differentiations by the encounters in virtual space, becoming-grab among all the humans with non-humans and leaving the linearity of prediction for being able to open the field of possibilities about becoming-representation.

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