Exploring self-service technology adoption: Case of airline check in

Birgul Kupeli, Gulberk Gultekin Salman, Elif Karaosmanoglu, Tugrul Daim*

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The main purpose of this research is to understand the antecedent conditions affecting customers' attitude formation, leading to behavioral intention to co-produce through online check-in. In doing so, this study argues that co-production, even in its simplest form, constitutes a three-pronged interaction. It is argued that trying to understand the process solely from the customer's perspective is insufficient without considering the qualities of the co-production partner and the factors related to the co-produced offering. Therefore, this study examines factors linked to the customer (travelers who have completed online check-in), the company (the airline), and the co-produced offering (the online check-in experience). Furthermore, customers' tangible resources have been included in the study to understand the effect of operand resources on the process. The results of 1095 questionnaires suggest that antecedents related to the co-produced offering and co-production partner are even stronger determinants than those of customers. Moreover, when forming attitudes towards co-production in an airline setting through self-check-in, operand resources of the customer, which have been overlooked in empirical studies, emerge as the predominant factor.

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DergiTechnology in Society
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - Haz 2024

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