Examining the Moderating Role of Reasons in Masstige Luxury Buying Behavior

Ayse Sedef Uluturk*, Umut Asan

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This study proposes a new model derived from Behavioral Reasoning Theory (BRT) to examine the purchasing behavior of masstige jewelry consumers. The suggested model provides a more comprehensive understanding of the determinants of purchasing masstige products by considering values and reasons in addition to the global motives and intention. The study also examines, for the first time, the moderating role of reasons. It explores how reasons may strengthen or weaken the impact of perceived values on global motives. The proposed model was empirically tested using partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) with survey data on the consumption of masstige jewelry brands in Türkiye. To provide a more complete understanding of the moderating role of reasons, submodels were constructed for different value–reason combinations. The results demonstrate notable differences in the goodness-of-fit measures between the moderated and non-moderated models. Specifically, reasons contributed to enhanced explanations of global motives and intention, both directly and indirectly. However, not all submodels yielded significant results in terms of the moderator effect. Thus, the empirical tests supported the hypotheses regarding the moderating effect only partially. Overall, the current findings further extend the existing frameworks and provide valuable insights into masstige jewelry purchasing behavior, which can be used by marketers to develop more effective strategies.

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