Evaluation of the Plio-Quaternary tectonic stress regime from fault kinematic analysis in the lake Van Basin (Eastern Anatolia)

Azad Sağlam Selçuk*, Mehmet Korhan Erturaç, Gürsel Sunal, Ziyadin Çakır

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We focus on the Neogene–Quaternary tectonic evolution of the Lake Van Basin located within the Turkish-Iranian Plateau. To better understand the complex tectonic history of the region and determine the paleostress patterns, we investigate and report on the geometric, structural, and kinematic characteristics of the Basin based on field observations of fault-slip orientations which are classified according to radiometric ages of the basin stratigraphy. The analysis of large-scale structures and fault kinematics indicate that three different deformation phases prevailed in the Lake Van Basin during the Neogene-Quaternary periods. Phase 1 is characterized by NW-SE extension and NE-SW contraction that gave rise to the development of strike-slip faults with thrust or normal components during the late Miocene, deforming the fluvial sediments which expose at east/northeast of the Basin. Phase 2 is characterized in fluvial and lake deposits of the Middle Pleistocene, deformed by dominant contraction stress regime effective along NW-SE direction. The late Pleistocene tectonic regime (Phase 3) consists of transpressional deformation that develops under NNW-SSE compression and ENE-WSW extension. According to our analysis, the present-day deformation pattern of the Lake Van Basin is dominated by compression at east, while at the northern part is transtensional.

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DergiJournal of Structural Geology
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The authors are particularly grateful to Rob Reilinger for critical comments and English editing. We also gratefully thank Editor and anonymous reviewers for providing critical comments that significantly improved the manuscript and also special thanks to Levent Selçuk who contributed to the fieldwork. This study was financially supported by the TUBITAK Scientific Research Project ( 114Y274 ).

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TUBITAK Scientific Research Project114Y274

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