Evaluation of regenerated bamboo, polyester and cotton knitted fabrics for summer clothing

Canan Saricam*, Nazan Okur

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Apparel products worn next to the skin used as summer clothing should satisfy good thermal and moisture management properties. In this paper, fabrics which are produced from three different types of fibres - regenerated bamboo, polyester, cotton and blends of these fibres, were compared with each other in terms of mechanical, thermal comfort and moisture management properties to explain the influence of the fibre type. Moreover the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was adopted to allow to make a selection among these fabrics of the best option to be used in summer wear. It was found that fibre type had a significant effect on the properties measured. Fabrics made with polyester fibre showed the required performance in terms of mechanical and moisture management properties, whereas regarding the thermal comfort properties, all fibre types had some special distinguishing performances. AHP assessment results revealed that 100% cotton fabrics should be preferred for use in summer clothing with regard to mechanical and thermos-physiological comfort related properties.

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DergiFibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe
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