Evaluation of dynamic risk factors for ship operations

Serap Goksu*, Ozcan Arslan

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The comprehension of the risk sources behind ship accidents is important not only due to environmental destruction, and loss of life and property, but also because of their economic effect on a global level. There are static risk evaluation forms on ships to decrease or prevent risks stemming from the nature of routine operations. However, ship operations are performed under the effect of static and dynamic risks. For this reason, the risks that may be caused by changing conditions must be taken into account to prevent accidents. However, the safety of operations can be maintained with self-renewing risk profiles. In the present study, dynamic risk factors that affect the safety of ships were identified and a questionnaire was prepared to evaluate the effects of these risk factors on operations. It was examined quantitatively how dynamic risk factors increase the risk of operations. Consequently, the study examines the effects of dynamic risk factors on ship operations and provides a framework for pre-accident risk management, a practical contribution to the creation of a safe and efficient working environment for the ship.

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DergiAustralian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
Yayın durumuKabul Edilmiş/Basında - 2024

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