Estimation of cutting forces in CNC slot-milling of low-cost clay reinforced syntactic metal foams by artificial neural network modeling

Çağın Bolat, Nuri Özdoğan, Sarp Çoban, Berkay Ergene*, İsmail Cem Akgün, Ali Gökşenli

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Purpose: This study aims to elucidate the machining properties of low-cost expanded clay-reinforced syntactic foams by using different neural network models for the first time in the literature. The main goal of this endeavor is to create a casting machining-neural network modeling flow-line for real-time foam manufacturing in the industry. Design/methodology/approach: Samples were manufactured via an industry-based die-casting technology. For the slot milling tests performed with different cutting speeds, depth of cut and lubrication conditions, a 3-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machine was used and the force data were collected through a digital dynamometer. These signals were used as input parameters in neural network modelings. Findings: Among the algorithms, the scaled-conjugated-gradient (SCG) methodology was the weakest average results, whereas the Levenberg–Marquard (LM) approach was highly successful in foreseeing the cutting forces. As for the input variables, an increase in the depth of cut entailed the cutting forces, and this circumstance was more obvious at the higher cutting speeds. Research limitations/implications: The effect of milling parameters on the cutting forces of low-cost clay-filled metallic syntactics was examined, and the correct detection of these impacts is considerably prominent in this paper. On the other side, tool life and wear analyses can be studied in future investigations. Practical implications: It was indicated that the milling forces of the clay-added AA7075 syntactic foams, depending on the cutting parameters, can be anticipated through artificial neural network modeling. Social implications: It is hoped that analyzing the influence of the cutting parameters using neural network models on the slot milling forces of metallic syntactic foams (MSFs) will be notably useful for research and development (R&D) researchers and design engineers. Originality/value: This work is the first investigation that focuses on the estimation of slot milling forces of the expanded clay-added AA7075 syntactic foams by using different artificial neural network modeling approaches.

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DergiMultidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures
Yayın durumuKabul Edilmiş/Basında - 2024

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