ERP selection using picture fuzzy CODAS method

Hacer Yumurtaci Aydoǧmuş, Eren Kamber*, Cengiz Kahraman

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The purpose of this study is to develop an extension of CODAS method using picture fuzzy sets. In this respect, a new methodology is introduced to figure out how picture fuzzy numbers can be applied to CODAS method. COmbinative Distance-based Assessment (CODAS) is a new MCDM method proposed by Ghorabaee et al. Picture fuzzy sets (PFSs) are a new extension of ordinary fuzzy sets for representing human's judgments having possibility more than two answers such as yes, no, refusal and neutral. Compared with other studies, the proposed method integrates multi-criteria decision analysis with picture fuzzy uncertainty based on Euclidean and Taxicab distances and negative ideal solution. ERP system selection problem is handled as the application area of the developed method, picture fuzzy CODAS. Results indicate that the new proposed method finds meaningful rankings through picture fuzzy sets. Comparative analyzes show that the presented method gives successful and robust results for the solutions of MCDM problems under fuzziness.

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DergiJournal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
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