EQS: A computer software using fuzzy logic for equipment selection in mining engineering

A. Başçetin*, O. Öztaş, A. I. Kanli

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Equipment selection in mining engineering is one of the most important decisions that affects the mine design, production planning and economic parameters in open pit and underground mining. Mine planning engineers generally use their intuition and experiences in decision making. Mostly, linguistic variables (the weather is raining, soil is wet, etc.) come into question and decision-makers may not know how these variables are computed. Since the advent of the fuzzy set theory, these uncertainties are easily interpreted in the decision-making process. The development of computer technology and programming of colloquial language with expert systems have considerably reduced decision-makers' burden. This paper reviews the development of a computer programme software called EQS (EQuipment Selection) that automates equipment selection in mining engineering using fuzzy set theory. The EQS with an introduction of the concepts and theories of multiple attribute decision-making, the fuzzy set theory, and EQS applications to mining industry problems with case studies are presented

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Sayfa (başlangıç-bitiş)63-70
Sayfa sayısı8
DergiJournal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - Oca 2006
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