Electrospun membranes for microfiltration

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Water pollution is a critical problem for developing countries because of population growth and industry development. Therefore, there is a demand for a qualified and low-cost water purification method. There is increasing investigation into membrane technologies regarding wastewater treatment and polluted water recycling to obtain more freshwater. Microfiltration (MF) is one of the most important membrane processes used in wastewater treatment. Among membrane fabrication processes, the electrospinning process is becoming increasingly popular for the fabrication of microfiltration membranes due to its high surface area and porosity of up to 90%, enabling surface modification with a wide range of polymers. Electrospun nanofiber membranes have been utilized in salt rejection and microfiltration in filtration processes due to some features like higher porosity and interconnected pore structure, which provide higher permeability and separation performance.

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Ana bilgisayar yayını başlığıElectrospun and Nanofibrous Membranes
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