Effect of eWom on purchase intention: meta-analysis

Merve Albayrak*, Cemil Ceylan

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Purpose: The aim of this research is to combine and synthesize the findings of previous studies search for the effects of eWom on purchase intention by meta-analysis. Design/methodology/approach: The paper shows a meta-analysis process step by step. Within the scope of certain criteria, the studies in the Google Scholar and ITÜ library databases were eliminated and the results of the remaining 19 studies were analyzed in CMA (Comprehensive Meta-Analysis) program. Findings: By conducting a meta-analysis of the research question, a common effect size was obtained from 19 studies. In addition, the effect size of 21 eWom (electronic word of mouth communication) factor on purchasing intention related to the 21 hypotheses defined in the study was obtained by means of meta-analysis separately. Originality/value: With the increasing number of Internet users, the desire to share their comments and ideas on the Internet, and the increasing importance of electronic word of mouth communication in our lives, people's decisions have started to be affected by this situation. One of the decision-making movements is the purchase intention. Therefore, it is expected to see more researches on meta-analysis for the effect of eWom on purchase intention in the following years.

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