Dynamical system analysis of quintessence models with exponential potential-Revisited

A. Savas Arapoǧlu, A. Emrah Yükselci*

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Dynamical system analysis of a universe model which contains matter, radiation and quintessence with exponential potential, V (ψ) = Voexp(-ακψ), is studied in the light of recent observations and the tensions between different datasets. The three-dimensional phase space is constructed by the energy density parameters and all the critical points of the model with their physical meanings are investigated. This approach provides an easy way of comparing the model directly with the observations. We consider a solution that is compatible with observations and is continuous in the phase space in both directions of time, past and future. Although in many studies of late-time acceleration, the radiation is neglected, here we consider all components together and this makes the calculated effective equation of state parameter more realistic. Additionally, a relation between potential parameter, α, and the value of quintessence equation of state parameter, wψ(t0), today is found by using numerical analysis. We conclude that α has to be small in order to explain the current accelerated phase of the universe and this result can be seen directly from the relation we obtain. Finally, we compare the usual dynamical system approach with the approach that we follow in this paper.

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DergiModern Physics Letters A
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