Dialdehyde carbohydrates – Advanced functional materials for biomedical applications

Seid Reza Falsafi, Fuat Topuz, Hadis Rostamabadi*

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Dialdehyde carbohydrates (DCs) have found applications in a wide range of biomedical field due to their great versatility, biocompatibility/biodegradability, biological properties, and controllable chemical/physical characteristics. The presence of dialdehyde groups in carbohydrate structure allows cross-linking of DCs to form versatile architectures serving as interesting matrices for biomedical applications (e.g., drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine). Recently, DCs have noticeably contributed to the development of diverse physical forms of advanced functional biomaterials i.e., bulk architectures (hydrogels, films/coatings, or scaffolds) and nano/−micro formulations. We underline here the current scientific knowledge on DCs, and demonstrate their potential and newly developed biomedical applications. Specifically, an update on the synthesis approach and functional/bioactive attributes is provided, and the selected in vitro/in vivo studies are reviewed comprehensively as examples of the latest progress in the field. Moreover, safety concerns, challenges, and perspectives towards the application of DCs are deliberated.

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DergiCarbohydrate Polymers
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